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Glenn Silber, THE WAR AT HOME

Francesca talks with Glenn Silber about the acclaimed documentary he co-directed, The War At Home. It’s about the anti-war movement in Madison, Wisconsin from 1963 to 1972. First released in 1979, it’s been digitally re-mastered and re-released last year.

The War At Home chronicles the anti-war protest movement through the lens of its history in Madison, Wisconsin, with a powerful combination of rare archival footage and interviews with student leaders. Film critic Roger Ebert called it “one of the twenty greatest political films of all time.”

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Corban Addison, A HARVEST OF THORNS & Heather White, COMPLICIT

Bestselling author Corban Addison discusses his gripping new novel, A HARVEST OF THORNS. It’s a gripping thriller that reveals the ugly underbelly of fast fashion.

Then, Heather White talks about COMPLICIT, the film she co-produced with Lynn Zhang. It’s an explosive undercover exposé about deadly hazards in China’s electronics industry.  Continue reading


Ellen Meeropol, KINSHIP OF CLOVER & Dan Natale, BAD TIDINGS

Novelist Ellen Meeropol talks about her new work of fiction, Kinship of Clover. Then we talk with filmmaker Dan Natale about his documentary Bad Tidings. It looks at the impact of sea level rise on one vulnerable community in New Jersey. Continue reading

Web Extras

Web Extra: Greg Palast’s new film THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY

We talk with Rolling Stone investigative reporter Greg Palast about his new film THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY. The film is a highly entertaining mix of documentary footage and cartoon imagery that connects the dots between predatory capitalism and voter suppression. Continue reading



Ed Brown


Dan Fagin
Dan Fagin

Dan Fagin talks about his terrific history of what went down at Tom’s River New Jersey after a chemical plant moved in. His book is TOM’S RIVER: A Story of Science and Salvation. And Ed Brown discusses his prizewinning documentary, UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS. It’s about the environmental toxins threatening our kids and ourselves.

Dan Fagin won the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction in 2014 for TOM’S RIVER.

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Poet Paul Muldoon and drama Voices in Conflict

Paul Muldoon
Paul Muldoon

Guest host Christian McEwen interviews Paul Muldoon, poet and poetry editor of The New Yorker. And Francesca Rheannon talks with the director and cast members of a new production of the documentary play Voices in Conflict. It’s being presented by the New Century Theatre in western Massachusetts. Continue reading