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What’s Happening To Our Microbiome: THE INVISIBLE EXTINCTION with Sarah Schenck and Steven Lawrence

Our Miraculous Microbiome Is Under Threat

Our microbiome, the collection of microbes that live in and on our bodies, is under threat. Antibiotics, processed foods, and even stress can disrupt the delicate balance of our gut bacteria, leading to a range of health problems. Problems with our gut microbiome could be factors in the rise of diabetes, obesity, food allergies and even developmental disorders like autism.

We talk with  filmmakers Sarah Schenck and Steven Lawrence about their film The Invisible Extinction. It’s about the threats to our life-supporting microbiome and the scientists racing to save our vanishing microbes before it’s too late.

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Brita Belli, THE AUTISM PUZZLE & Nancy Nichols, LAKE EFFECT

Brita Belli

What’s causing the autism epidemic in American children? Brita Belli talks about her book, THE AUTISM PUZZLE: Connecting the Dots Between Environmental Toxins and Rising Autism Rates. And it’s not just autism. It’s also cancer and other diseases. We air our 2008 interview with journalist Nancy Nichols about her memoir LAKE EFFECT: Two Sisters and a Town’s Toxic LegacyContinue reading


Life With Asperger’s

John Elder Robison
John Elder Robison

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We talk with John Elder Robison about his memoir, [amazon-product text=”Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Aspergers” type=”text”]0307396185[/amazon-product]. Brother to best-selling author Augusten Burroughs (RUNNING WITH SCISSORS), Robison has written a sweet, compelling tale about growing up with Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. From the inside, he reveals what it’s like to be a misfit, the savant-like talents he feels Asperger’s gave him, and how he overcame the condition’s deficits and celebrated its gifts.

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We also talk with Free Press director Josh Silver about new developments in the fight to preserve net neutrality.

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John Elder Robison talks about life with Asperger’s

[amazon-product align=”right”]0307396185[/amazon-product]

John Elder Robison
John Elder Robison

We talk with John Elder Robison about his wonderful memoir, LOOK ME IN THE EYE: My Life With Asperger’s.

Click the following link to hear a Web-only clip from our interview with John Elder Robison: what he told his kid about who Santa Claus really is…

And you can listen to the full interview here.