about writer's voice radioWriter’s Voice …where the conversation goes deeper. We talk to writers of all genres about matters that move us and make us think.

The program features interviews and readings, as well as reviews, with authors such as Louise Erdrich, James Risen, Ursula K. LeGuin, Russell Banks, poet Richard Wilbur and many more notable writers. Writer’s Voice is produced and hosted by Francesca Rheannon, and has been on the air since 2004 with more than 400 shows produced, broadcasting on stations around the United States.

The home station for Writer’s Voice is WPKN 89.5 FM, which the New Yorker called “the greatest radio station in the world.” The show also airs on some 40 other stations around the country.

Kudos for Writer’s Voice

“Francesca Rheannon is that rare interviewer who knows how to shape an interview almost without your knowing it. Appearing on Writer’s Voice means engaging with a generous and instinctive intelligence able to elicit the heart and soul of any book. A conversation with Francesca reveals so much more than the subject at hand, for it strikes to the life pulse of what good books mean to us all.” — Poet, author and translator Peter Filkins.

“Host Francesca Rheannon executes an interview not only with intelligence, but with great depth. Allow me to briefly gush, I think she is the alpha of radio interviews (step aside Terry). I’m hooked on Writers Voice.” —
Bill Ravanesi, film producer and photographer, director of Health Care Without Harm

“You are such a good interviewer – informed and engaged, both well-prepared and able to pick up on things [guests] say, offer your own experiences and observations, and expand the conversation – in fact, your interviews really are conversations, and that’s terrific.” – Chris Rohmann, author and listener.

“It was truly a pleasure being on Writer’s Voice – thanks so much for understanding what my book was up to.” –Author Nicholson Baker (THE HUMAN STAIN)

“Dear Francesca, that was one of the best interviews EVER! Thank you so much for all your thoughtful questions and for your thorough reading of the book (TAMED AND UNTAMED.) – Author Sy Montgomery

5 star review from a listener:

Francesca Rheannon has an amazing show and often has me wondering why she hasn’t become the next Katie Couric or Barbara Walters with her impressive array of questions, continuing the conversation while keeping us the audience entranced and enticed and always wanting more…this show has me entertained and delighted!!!!!