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Brita Belli, THE AUTISM PUZZLE & Nancy Nichols, LAKE EFFECT

Brita Belli

What’s causing the autism epidemic in American children? Brita Belli talks about her book, THE AUTISM PUZZLE: Connecting the Dots Between Environmental Toxins and Rising Autism Rates. And it’s not just autism. It’s also cancer and other diseases. We air our 2008 interview with journalist Nancy Nichols about her memoir LAKE EFFECT: Two Sisters and a Town’s Toxic LegacyContinue reading


Toxic Legacies

[amazon-product align=”right”]1597260843[/amazon-product]Francesca talks with  journalist Nancy Nichols connects her wrenching personal story to the larger story of toxic pollution. Nichols grew up in Waukegan, on Lake Michigan. The lake has been massively contaminated by PCB and other toxic chemicals. She survived cancer but her sister did not. Her memoir is LAKE EFFECT: Two Sisters and a Town’s Toxic Legacy.

EPA Report downplaying Bisphenol A hazards

John Peterson Myers on Bisphenol A link to metabolic disorders in Environmental Health News