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John Nichols on Impeachment, D.D. Guttenplan on Bernie-Warren & Les Leopold on Runaway Inequality

We talk with John Nichols of the Nation about how the Congress should be proceeding on impeaching President Trump.

Then Bernie and Warren are friends. Should their supporters be? In a recent editorial in the Nation, D.D. Guttenplan says they should.

Finally, we check in with Les Leopold, author of Runaway Inequality and founder of runawayinequality.org about the current state of income and wealth inequality. Continue reading


Thomas Lockley, AFRICAN SAMURAI & John Nichols on the Democratic Debate

We talk with Thomas Lockley about his book, African Samurai: The True Story of Yasuke, a Legendary Black Warrior in Feudal Japan. It’s about the first foreigner and the only African to ever become a samurai.

Then, who—or what—won at Tuesday’s Democratic debate? Political analyst John Nichols of the Nation magazine joins us with his take. His article for the Nation is “Last Night’s Debate Produced a Clear Winner: Medicare for All.”

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