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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Medicare Might Be Gone By Next Thanksgiving

Nancy J. Altman of Social Security Works speaks about the imminent threat to Medicare — and how Americans can fight to save it. She wrote “Medicare Will Be Gone By Next Thanksgiving If Republicans Have Their Way” for the Huffington Post. Continue reading

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What You Need To Know: Field Guide To The Democracy Movement

In this edition of What You Need To Know, we talk with Frances Moore LappÁ©, author of the iconic Diet For A Small Planet and founder and director of The Small Planet Institute, and her colleague Adam Eichen about their new Field Guide to The Democracy Movement. Continue reading

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Francesca Rheannon talks with James W. Carden about what could turn out to be the Democrat’s Benghazi — the campaign against Russia charging that Putin colluded with Donald Trump to influence the presidential election.
Could it lead to a nuclear showdown with Russia?

Continue reading

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Gregg Levine, “7 Years on, Sailors Exposed to Fukushima Radiation Seek Their Day in Court”

NOAA map showing ocean radiation from Fukushima

Sunday, March 11, marked the seventh anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami — seven years for a group of US Navy sailors to get sick and some to die as a result of their exposure to radiation coming from the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant that was devastated by the tsunami. They were part of a rescue mission to that plant in the days following the tsunami.

Journalist Gregg Levine has written an investigative piece for the Nation Magazine  titled “7 Years on, Sailors Exposed to Fukushima Radiation Seek Their Day in Court.”  Writer’s Voice host Francesca Rheannon spoke with Levine on March 12, 2018.

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Vandana Shiva is a force of nature — and a force for nature. Winner of the alternative Nobel Prize, the Right Livelihood Award, Shiva has been at the forefront of the food sovereignty movement; Her greatest fights have been against GMOs and the patenting of seeds that have bankrupted small farmers throughout the world. As Vandana Shiva says, “Life is not an invention.” Continue reading

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Wendell Potter: “Democrats On The Take” fight Medicare For All

WV host Francesca Rheannon talks with former health insurance industry executive and whistleblower Wendell Potter about how the attacks on Medicare For All are being fueled by health insurance cash to Democrats. Continue reading

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The Fracking Ban Law

Jim Walsh

America’s small businesses are facing hardship because of a dramatic, unexpected loss of business due to the COVID19 pandemic. But it’s come to light that the Trump administration has pushed to allow billions in CARES Act funds to pay off the debt of the fossil fuel industry—debt incurred way before the current pandemic.

Some in Congress are working to prevent that, as well as other bailouts of Big Oil and Gas underway by the administration. It’s called the ReWind Act and those proposing it say it’s needed to keep the Trump administration from using the CARES Act to transfer enormous amounts of wealth from taxpayers to oil companies.

They hope to include the ReWind Act in the new CARES Act package being worked on now. The Act has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Francesca spoke with Jim Walsh of Food and Water Watch about the proposed legislation. He’s a Senior Energy Policy Analyst for Food & Water Watch.

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Could A “Weapon of Mass Connection” win Georgia for the Dems?

Mehrdad Azemun on Deep Canvassing
Is America hopelessly divided between those who voted for Donald Trump and those who voted for Joe Biden? Or can a “weapon of mass connection” be used to bridge the divide?

Mehrdad Azemun

That’s a bet being made by a national economic and racial justice organization called People’s Action. It’s a coalition of grassroots groups operating in 30 different states on issues like climate justice, student debt, mass incarceration, health care, and housing—and on mobilizing voters to turn out for those issues.

The “weapon of mass connection” People’s Action uses (maybe a better word is “tool”) is something called “deep canvassing“.

Francesca spoke with Mehrdad Azemun, national political strategist with People’s Action, about deep canvassing and more for this episode of our online series, What You Need To Know.