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Branko Marcetic, YESTERDAY’S MAN & Wendell Potter on Medicare For All

Unless the unexpected happens, it looks like Joe Biden may very well be the Democratic Party nominee for president. But can he beat Trump? And even if he does, will that really end Trumpism? We talk with Branko Marcetic about his just released book about Joe Biden, Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden.

Then we air an interview from last year and posted to the Writers Voice website with Wendell Potter about the full court press against Medicare For All by industry and the politicians it funds. Continue reading


SinÁ©ad Gleeson, CONSTELLATIONS & Therese Anne Fowler, A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD

We talk with Irish writer SinÁ©ad Gleeson about her award-winning collection of essays, Constellations: Reflections From Life.

Then, they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions; that makes for a rich vein for fiction Therese Anne Fowler mines in her new novel, A Good Neighborhood. Continue reading

Web Extras

Robert Pollin on the COVID19 Stimulus Bill

Yesterday, the Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus package to deal with the COVID19 pandemic in the US.

Already, it has come under some withering criticism from New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Some economists are blasting it, as well.

Writer’s Voice host Francesca Rheannon spoke with economist Robert Pollin of the Political Economy Research Center at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst about what the bill does, what it doesn’t do and what an adequate bill should do.


Peter Heller, THE RIVER & Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny

We talk with Peter Heller about his terrific new novel, a thriller set on a river above the Arctic Circle. It’s called The River.

Then, we re-air our 2017 interview with historian Timothy Snyder about his cautionary tale about the descent into authoritarianism. The book is On Tyranny.

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We talk with Judy Foreman about her book Exercise is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging. (Oxford University Press.)
Then, we talk with Michael Zapata about his acclaimed novel, The Lost Book of Adana Moreau (Hanover Square Press).

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John Nichols on Billionaire Candidacies & Lucy Hughes-Hallet, FABULOUS

We talk with John Nichols about his recent article for the Nation magazine, “Democrats Must Reject Not Just a Billionaire but the Billionaire Class“.

Then, we switch gears to talk with novelist, biographer and now short story writer Lucy Hughes-Hallet about her new collection of stories based on myths and fables. It’s called Fabulous.

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