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Helen Fremont, The Escape Artist & Branko Marcetic on Tara Reade & Joe Biden

We talk with Helen Fremont about her stunning new memoir, The Escape Artist. It’s about the toxic influence of closely held secrets on the glue that should hold families together — and about how trauma echoes down the generations.

Then, Bernie Sanders ended his presidential run this week, leaving Joe Biden the only remaining candidate in the race. We air an interview we did last week with Branko Marcetic about how the Democratic Party is handling allegations of sexual assault against Biden. (It was also published on the WV website as a Web Only Extra.)

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Web Extras

Branko Marcetic: Joe Biden Is No Al Franken

We talk with Branko Marcetic about his recent article in Jacobin, For Top Democrats, Joe Biden Is No Al Franken.

It’s about the differing ways prominent Senators treated sexual harassment claims made against Al Franken, who was pressured to resign his Senate seat, and the sexual assault claim made against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade. Continue reading


Branko Marcetic, YESTERDAY’S MAN & Wendell Potter on Medicare For All

Unless the unexpected happens, it looks like Joe Biden may very well be the Democratic Party nominee for president. But can he beat Trump? And even if he does, will that really end Trumpism? We talk with Branko Marcetic about his just released book about Joe Biden, Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden.

Then we air an interview from last year and posted to the Writers Voice website with Wendell Potter about the full court press against Medicare For All by industry and the politicians it funds. Continue reading


Sara Matthiesen on Bernie’s Feminism & Helaine Olen on Joe Biden’s Record on Social Security

Critics have tried to tar Bernie Sanders with the brush of sexism, implied if not explicit. But gender studies scholar Sara Matthiesen says Bernie could be the first feminist president. We talk with her about her article in the Nation, “Bernie Could be America’s First Feminist President.”

Then, with all its importance to the lives of most Americans, Social Security doesn’t often make it into the headlines. That changed this week when the Sanders campaign charged that Joe Biden’s record on Social Security is flawed, suggesting it could weaken him against Trump in the general election. We spoke with Washington Post columnist Helaine Olen about her recent post, “Sanders is right: Biden is Vulnerable to Trump on Social Security.”

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