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Our Last Chance To Save Humanity

Dr. James Hansen
Dr. James Hansen

Climate scientist Dr. James Hansen talks about STORMS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN. It’s about climate catastrophe and how we must — and can — prevent it. Richard Wilbur reads “Advice To A Prophet”. And we pay homage to Robert Parker and Howard Zinn, who both died in late January, 2010. Continue reading

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Web Extra: Robert Parker archive interview

Robert Parker

Mystery novelist Robert Parker died January 20, 2010 at his desk at home, writing. It was a fitting end for this most prolific of writers — more than sixty books emerged from his pen. Although he wrote in several genres, including westerns and young-adult novels, Parker was best known for his mystery novels, especially those featuring Spenser, the hardboiled detective with a sensitive heart.

Writers Voice guest host Jodi Schneider talked to Robert Parker in 2005 about his Spenser novel, [amazon-product text=”SCHOOL DAYS” type=”text”]0425211347[/amazon-product], his life and his writing. She found out he wrote ten pages a day with no revisions, working for about six hours. He made it up as he went, with little or no planning in advance. And he never read any of his books after publication. Listen to this free-wheeling, funny interview.

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