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Greg Palast (full interview) on Court Victory in Georgia Voting Case

Investigative reporter Greg Palast recently won a groundbreaking judgement from a federal court judge in Georgia that promises to open up to public scrutiny the massive 2018 purge of the voter rolls conducted by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp when he was Georgia’s Secretary  of State — and his work with voter suppression impresario Kris Kobach to disenfranchise voters in other states, as well.

WV called Palast up for an in-depth look at that ruling, as well as voter suppression (or, as Palast calls it, “voter theft”) in other states. Continue reading


Deborah Shaffer & Rachel Reichman on QUEEN OF HEARTS, plus Greg Palast on his court victory

We talk with filmmaker Deborah Shaffer and film editor Rachel Reichman about Queen Of Hearts, their wonderful documentary about the life and work of Audrey Flack.

Then we talk with investigative journalist Greg Palast about the important victory he just won in court to force the Governor of Georgia to release the details of a huge purge of mostly African American voters in the 2018 Georgia election. Continue reading


Writers Voice: Isabella Tree, WILDING & Jeet Heer on Iowa and Beyond

This week’s episode gives us a sorely-needed message of hope. If we just simply let nature take its course, we can restore the Earth. We talk with Isabella Tree about her book Wilding – the Return of Nature to a British Farm. It’s out from Picador Press.

Then, we talk with Nation magazine contributor Jeet Heer about the Iowa caucus debacle, the progressive wing of the Democratic presidential campaign, and Michael Bloomberg, on its billionaire wing.

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Web Only Extra: Daniel Judt on Australia’s Wildfires

Remember the Australian wildfires? The ones that killed some one billion animals and torched millions of acres of land? Well, Australia is still in fire season, and, as late as yesterday, February 5, they were still going on. There’s a temporary reprieve, as Australia braces for torrential rainfall, but they will no doubt be back.

A few days ago, Francesca spoke by Skype with journalist Daniel Judt about his recent piece in the Nation, “Australia’s Devastating Wildfires Were Not Inevitable.” It is the second in a three-part series on climate by Judt; the first in the series is “In Senegal, Climate Change is Robbing Thousands of Their Homes.”



Michael Klare, ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE, Christian Parenti, Tropic Of Chaos & Review of new Hilary Davidson thriller

Michael Klare talks about his new book, All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective On Climate Change.

Then we air a clip from our 2011 interview with Christian Parenti about his book, Tropic Of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence.

We also review a terrific new thriller from Hilary Davidson, Don’t Look Down.

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