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Steve Hendricks, THE OLDEST CURE IN THE WORLD & Millie Kerr, WILDER

We talk with Steve Hendricks about his book The Oldest Cure in the World: Adventures in the Art and Science of Fasting.

Then, we talk with wildlife conservation journalist and photographer Millie Kerr about her new book, Wilder: How Rewilding is Transforming Conservation and Changing the World.

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Writers Voice: Isabella Tree, WILDING & Jeet Heer on Iowa and Beyond

This week’s episode gives us a sorely-needed message of hope. If we just simply let nature take its course, we can restore the Earth. We talk with Isabella Tree about her book Wilding – the Return of Nature to a British Farm. It’s out from Picador Press.

Then, we talk with Nation magazine contributor Jeet Heer about the Iowa caucus debacle, the progressive wing of the Democratic presidential campaign, and Michael Bloomberg, on its billionaire wing.

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