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Writer’s Voice: Migdalia Cruz, MACBETH & Michael Blanding NORTH BY SHAKESPEARE

Shakespeare on the brain! We talk with Nuyorican playwright Migdalia Cruz about her adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth for modern audiences.

Then, Michael Blanding tells the fascinating story of an amateur scholar who has built a compelling and controversial case about the source of Shakespeare’s work. The book is North By Shakespeare: A Rogue Scholar’s Quest For The Truth Behind The Bard’s Work.

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Barbara Garson
Tia Lessin
Tia Lessin

Barbara Garson talks about her new book, DOWN THE UP ESCALATOR: How the 99% Live in the Great Recession. And Citizens United gave the 1%, like the Koch Brothers, inordinate influence over our political process. Now they’re moving to take over our media, as well. Filmmaker Tia Lessin discusses the film she co-directed, CITIZEN KOCH, and how its distribution is being threatened by its namesake. Continue reading


Episode Two: Sojourner Truth, Her Story & Meaning

Jacqueline Sheehan
Nell Irvin Painter

In the second episode in The River Runs Through Us, WV examines the life of Sojourner Truth and what she means to us. We talk with Jacqueline Sheehan about her novel about Sojourner Truth, THE COMET’S TALE; with historian Nell Irvin Painter, author of SOJOURNER TRUTH, A Life, A Symbol; and with Rachel Kuhn and Priscilla Kane Hellweg of the Enchanted Circle Theater about their musical play, SOJOURNER’S TRUTH: I Will Shake Every Place I Go To.

Our thanks to Mass Humanities for their support for this series.

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Tatjana Soli & David Rabe: Two Novels of Love & War in Vietnam

Tatjana Soli
David Rabe

Tatjana Soli talks about her debut novel of Vietnam, THE LOTUS EATERS. And David Rabe’s unconventional love story about the Vietnam War is GIRL BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AT NIGHT. Both books were listed among the New York Times Notable Books for 2010.

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