Dana Thomas, FASHIONOPOLIS & Michael Klare on Russia and geopolitics of energy

We talk with journalist and author Dana Thomas about the Young Readers Edition of her book, Fashionopolis.

Then, we air some clips from our 2008 interview with energy and security analyst and author Michael Klare, where we speak about Russia as a petro-state, its then-war with Georgia and the geo-politics of energy. The relevance to what’s happening today with Russia’s assault on Ukraine is striking.

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Dana Thomas
Did you know that the average number of times people wear a piece of clothing they’ve bought is seven? That’s just one of the many shocking facts behind fast fashion in Dana Thomas’ book Fashionopolis: The Secrets Behind The Clothes We Wear.

The original book came out in 2020. The publisher, Penguin Random House asked Thomas to follow up with a version for young readers — middle school to high school. That’s just been published.

In addition to Fashionopolis in two versions, for adults and kids, Dana Thomas is the author of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster and Gods and Kings. She hosts The Green Dream, a podcast focused on sustainability and human rights.

Read an excerpt from Fashionopolis (young reader version)

Read an excerpt from Fashionopolis

Michael Klare
The more things change, the more they stay the same. We heard Dana Thomas reference that homily earlier in the show. And it came to mind today while listening back to our interview with security and energy analyst Michael Klare in May 2008 about his book Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: The New Geopolitics of Energy. At the time, Russia was about to go to war on Georgia.

In 2008, George W. Bush was president and we were still heavily mired in Iraq. The US was then an energy importer, which is not currently the case, but Klare makes the point that security lies in developing clean renewable energy.

Then we turned to Russia as a petro-state, its then war with Georgia and what that meant for democracy and the world.

Listen to the full interview