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James Howard Kunstler & John Michael Greer: The Long Descent In Fact and Fiction

James Howard Kunstler
John Michael Greer

Futurist James Howard Kunstler talks about THE WITCH OF HEBRON, his latest novel about a postindustrial, post collapse, America. And John Michael Greer spells out how we get to — and get through — the long emergency. His book is THE ECOTECHNIC FUTURE.

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Web Extras

John Michael Greer on Druidism and The Ecotechnic Future

Archdruid John Michael Greer

John Michael Greer’s book THE ECOTECHNIC FUTURE is a closely reasoned, completely secular treatment of what he calls the Long Descent as our industrial civilization limps to a close. But his faith as a Druid — he’s an Archdruid and blogs at The Archdruid Report — is what spurred him to examine The Long Decline and how human society can optimally deal with it to create a future technology based on ecological principles and respect for the Earth. In this Web Extra, he explains to Writers Voice host Francesca Rheannon the connections between his faith and his science.

Host Francesca Rheannon interviewed him for Writers Voice. You can hear the rest of the interview here.


Calming the Emotions and the Mind: Judith Siegel & Les Fehmi

Judith Siegel

Family therapist Judith Siegel talks about her book STOP OVERREACTING: Effective Strategies For Calming Your Emotions. And Les Fehmi tells us how to use our powers of attention to calm our stress and handle our challenges. His book is OPEN FOCUS BRAIN: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body.

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Cuba Present And Past: Patrick Symmes, T.J. English

Patrick Symmes

Journalist Patrick Symmes talks about living on $15 dollars a month in Cuba. His article in the October Harper’s is “Thirty Days as a Cuban: Pinching pesos and dropping pounds in Havana.” And we air a 2008 interview with T.J. English about HAVANA NOCTURNE. It’s about how the Mob took over Havana and lost it to the Revolution.

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Juliet Schor

[amazon-product align=”right”]1594202540[/amazon-product]Economist Juliet Schor talks about her latest book, PLENITUDE, and what it can tell us about living well in a world where the economy and the environment are in trouble. And social entrepreneur and author Lyle Estill tells us about SMALL IS POSSIBLE: Life in a Local Economy.
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