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Max Elbaum: What’s At Stake for the Left in the 2020 Election?

We talk with Max Elbaum about the debate over whether the Left should support Joe Biden. He wrote a recent post, Should Anti-Capitalists Urge a Vote for Joe Biden to Defeat Donald Trump in 2020?.“

On the Left a great debate is raging between Progressives whose first priority is defeating Trump and those in the Never Biden camp.

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The former say that defeating fascist or white supremacist authoritarian control of the executive branch and the Supreme Court are necessary to protect the growing progressive movement.

The latter say there is little difference between corporate Democrats on the one hand and the GOP and Trump on the other — and besides, the Never Bidens claim, fighting Trump will strengthen the progressive movement.

Meanwhile, Trump’s main targets, Black, Latinx and Muslim Americans as well as immigrants, have a credible fear of ever more brutal persecution if Trump gets another term.

Those are the stakes my guest Max Elbaum lays out in his post on the website Organizing Upgrade, “Should Anti-Capitalists Urge a Vote for Joe Biden to Defeat Donald Trump in 2020 or not?“

Max Elbaum is the author of the 2018 book Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che.

We’re airing this interview first on the Writers Voice website series, What You Need To Know. We’ll be airing it in the radio space later in the season.

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