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Hampton Sides On the Trail of An Assassin

Hampton Sides

Hampton Sides talks about HELLHOUND ON HIS TRAIL: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin. And Steven Church tells us about THE DAY AFTER THE DAY AFTER. It’s a memoir about growing up in the shadow of apocalyptic visions, including the making of THE DAY AFTER in his home town of Lawrence, Kansas.

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Memoirs of Suicide

Nancy Rappaport

Nancy Rappaport  talks about her haunting memoir, IN HER WAKE: A Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of Her Mother’s Suicide. It’s about her mother’s suicide, how it affected her family, and how she came to terms with her loss. And Joan Wickersham tells us about her memoir of her father’s suicide, THE SUICIDE INDEX, in this 2008 interview she gave Writers Voice. The memoir was a National Book Award finalist. Continue reading



Dr. Devra Davis
Isabel Allende

Author Isabel Allende talks about her new novel, ISLAND BENEATH THE SEA. It tells the story of a remarkable woman, the slave TÁ©tÁ©, during the Haitian revolution against French rule. And we talk with Dr. Derva Davis about her book THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE WAR ON CANCER. It’s about environmental causes of cancer and industry and government cover-ups of the issue. A presidential panel has just come out with a new report about it. Continue reading


Sadie Jones and Fernanda Eberstadt: Testing the Limits of Courage

Fernanda Eberstadt
Sadie Jones

Sadie Jones talks about her new novel, SMALL WARS. Set in war torn Cyprus in 1956, it tells the story of a young British solider, and the effects of that war on him, his wife and their family. And we hear from Fernanda Eberstadt about her acclaimed new novel RAT. It’s about a girl of extraordinary courage who travels from a hardscrabble region of France to London in search of her father. Continue reading

Web Extras

Web Extra: Poet Jon Anderson reads Richard Wilbur’s “Hand Dance”

Richard Wilbur
Richard Wilbur

Writers Voice host Francesca Rheannon recorded Jon Anderson reading Richard Wilbur‘s “Hand Dance” at a poetry event to support the children of Gaza in March, 2010. The poem is unpublished and, until this reading, had never been read publicly.

Listen to the full show when Jon Anderson reads his poem “Chimeras”.

Web Extras

Web Extra: David Bollier on Brand Name Bullies

[amazon-product align=”right”]0471679275[/amazon-product]David Bollier spoke with Francesca Rheannon and co-host Daisy Mathias in 2005 about his book BRAND NAME BULLIES: The Quest To Own And Control Culture.

Bollier talks about how copyright law is out of control, how it got that way, and what that means.

And listen to Francesca interview David Bollier about his latest book, VIRAL SPIRAL. It’s about how the Internet is building a new digital republic.

Brand Name Bullies web site.