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Elmer Luke, MARCH WAS MADE OF YARN; Stephen Pierson & Rich Benjamin, CANTEEN; Marvin Kitman on Rupert Murdoch

Elmer Luke talks about MARCH WAS MADE OF YARN: Reflections on the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Meltdown; Marvin Kitman on Rupert Murdoch (encore); and publisher Stephen Pierson & contributor Rich Benjamin talk about the literary magazine Canteen. Continue reading


Marvin Kitman on Murdoch & Peter Lehner on the BP Gulf Disaster

Marvin Kitman
Peter Lehner

Marvin Kitman talks about his article in November’s Harper’s magazine, Murdoch Triumphant. Peter Lehner tells us about the BP Gulf Oil disaster — what allowed it to happen, and what to do about it now. His book is IN DEEP WATER. And we get tips on eating during the holidays from food psychologist Brian Wansink.

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