Scott Chaskey, SOIL & SPIRIT – Ravinder Bhogal, COMFORT & JOY

We talk with poet, farmer and author Scott Chaskey about his new book, Soil and Spirit: Cultivation and Kinship In The Web of Life. It’s about poetry, soil, farming and community.

Then, Chef Ravinder Bhogal introduces us to the comfort and joy of immigrant food. Her book is Comfort and Joy: Irresistible Pleasures from a Vegetarian Kitchen.

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Farmer-Poet Scott Chaskey

As a farmer with decades spent working in fields, Scott Chaskey has been shaped by daily attention to the earth. A leader in the international Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement, he has combined a longstanding commitment to food sovereignty and organic farming with a belief that attention to the soil and the life, microbial and otherwise that inhabit it offers valuable lessons for building healthy human communities.

We last spoke with him in 2014 about his book, Seedtime. Now Chaskey’s come out with a collection of essays, wherein he explores the evolution of his perspective, both as a farmer and as a poet. The reader travels with him on a journey accompanied by his beautiful poetry as he shares the people and projects that have inspired him.

Food, Community, Celebration

The holiday season has begun, a time for celebrating food, family and community. While meat-based dishes are traditional, more people are deciding to go lightly on the planet and their own health with vegetarian fare.

But too often, giving up meat and poultry is tied to a narratives of sacrifice. Award-winning chef Ravinder Bhogal knows better. In her new cookbook, Comfort and Joy, she reclaims vegan and vegetarian cooking in all its abundance.

Ravinder Bhogal is a food journalist, chef and restauraneur of the London restaurant, Jikoni.

Marge Bruchac Sings The Green Corn Song

In honor of the indigenous people who were here long before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, we hear Abenaki writer, scholar and musician Marge Bruchac singing The Green Corn Song. Listen to our full conversation with Marge Bruchac here.

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