Oliver Milman, THE INSECT CRISIS & more

We talk with Oliver Milman about his book The Insect Crisis: The Fall of the Tiny Empires That Run the World. It’s a devastating examination of how collapsing insect populations worldwide threaten everything from wild birds to the food on our plate.

Then, we round out today’s episode with some practical advice on how to make your lawn and garden pollinator-friendly. We talk with Gail Pellett of the group ChangeEHampton.

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Oliver Milman

Do you like birds? How about eating? How would you like to live in a world where our waste never degrades—bodies and poop just piling up around us?

The end of birds; the end of food; and the end of complex life as we know it—that’s the catastrophe we face if we continue to lose insect populations around the world, as we are doing at an alarming pace.

Three out of every four of our planet’s known animal species are insects. In The Insect Crisis, journalist Oliver Milman dives into the torrent of recent evidence that suggests that the insects kingdom is suffering the greatest existential crisis in its 400-million-year history.

What’s causing the Insect Apocalypse? Why does it pose such a threat to us? And what can be done to stem the loss of the miniature empires that hold aloft life as we know it? Oliver Milman, environment correspondent for the Guardian, gives us some of the answers.

Oliver Milman in the Guardian: “Bees Can Play Soccer”

Oliver Milman in the Guardian: “Fears for bees as US set to extend use of toxic pesticides that paralyze insects”

How To Bring Pollinators To Your Yard and Community

Communities all around the country are becoming more friendly to pollinators in order to stem the drastic decline of insects.

Francesca spoke with Gail Pellett, organizer for one such group, ChangeEHampton, about their campaign to make their local community more pollinator-friendly. The full interview aired on originally on Sustainable Long Island, a monthly radio show Francesca hosts on WPKN 89.5 FM. Find out more about what you can do at PollinatorPathway.org