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Jim Motavalli, HIGH VOLTAGE & James Hoggan, CLIMATE COVER-UP

Jim Motavalli
James Hoggan

Journalist Jim Motavalli talks about the electric car revolution. His new book is HIGH VOLTAGE: The Fast Track to Plug In the Auto Industry. And WV airs a 2010 interview with James Hoggan of DeSmogBlog about his book, CLIMATE COVER-UP. Continue reading


Esther Kaplan, WITH GOD ON THEIR SIDE & Dr. Tom Plaut, One Minute Asthma

Esther Kaplan-Credit: David Barreda
Dr. Tom Plaut

Investigative journalist Esther Kaplan talks about her book, With God on Their Side: George W. Bush and the Christian Right (encore show from February 2006) and Dr. Tom Plaut talks about asthma and how to prevent the kind of attack that killed journalist Anthony Shadid. His book is One Minute Asthma. Continue reading


Scott Alarik, REVIVAL & Rebecca Coleman, KINGDOM OF CHILDHOOD

Scott Alarik
Rebecca Coleman

Novelist Rebecca Coleman talks about her psychological thriller, KINGDOM OF CHILDHOOD. It’s about an affair between a female teacher and a teenage student that goes very, very wrong.

And guest host Michael Pollitt talks with folk musician and critic Scott Alarik about his first work of fiction, REVIVAL. Continue reading


Fiction from Thrity Umrigar & Michael David Lukas & OWS Poetry

Michael David Lukas
Thrity Umrigar

Michael David Lukas talks about his novel, THE ORACLE OF STAMBOUL. It’s the story of a young girl of astonishing talents who changes the course of the Ottoman Empire. And Thrity Umrigar tells us about her new novel, THE WORLD WE FOUND. Four college friends from Bombay India reconnect decades later when one of them falls gravely ill — and find their lives profoundly changed. Continue reading