Food Security and Insecurity

Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler
Sasha Abramsky
Sasha Abramsky

We talk with journalist Sasha Abramsky about his new book [amazon-product text=”BREADLINE USA: The Hidden Scandal of American Hunger and How to Fix It” type=”text”]0981709117[/amazon-product].  And sustainability expert Robin Wheeler talks about her book, [amazon-product text=”FOOD SECURITY FOR THE FAINT AT HEART” type=”text”]0865716242[/amazon-product].

Do you know where your next meal is coming from? For a staggering 25 million Americans the local food pantry is their source for putting food on the table. The general recession has hidden the ongoing  problem of hunger; while everyone might be feeling the money crunch, for too many there is no food to bite into. This year there was a more than 20% increase in the use of food stamps to 34.9 million Americans (one in nine), 14 million American children are in danger of going hungry everyday.

[amazon-product align=”left”]0981709117[/amazon-product]

Sasha Abramsky’s new book Breadline USA chronicles this daily struggle to eat. the author reports from communities like Siskiyou, CA, where 50% of the population is on food stamps. He even put himself through an experiment of what it’s like to have to live on a paycheck that barely breaks the minimum wage. Abramsky exposes the surprising connections between such things as high gas prices with hunger. But the author hasn’t left his readers banging the refrigerator door in frustration, he offers down to earth solutions for this devastating problem.

Sasha Abramsky is a senior fellow with Demos, a progressive think tank in New York. His other books are CONNED andAMERICAN FURIES. His next book, Inside Obama’s Brain,  will be out this December. We’ll talk to him again when it’s published.

Read Abramsky on Breadline USA in the Huffington Post

[amazon-product align=”right”]0865716242[/amazon-product]

While Sasha Abramsky’s book focuses on the food insecurity facing the poor, sustainability expert Robin Wheeler believes we all face the potential of being food insecure. In FOOD SECURITY FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, she points out that our global food supply chains are extremely vulnerable. Disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes can wipe out months of stored food when the power goes out, pandemic flu could shut down international trade, plant diseases could wipe out major food crops. And then there’s climate change: when we called Robin Wheeler at her home in British Columbia, she told us her community was facing a severe — and uncharacteristic — drought.

In her book, Wheeler helps the reader understand how to become more food secure in the face of these challenges. It covers preserving garden food,  saving freezer food during a power outage, managing through natural disasters, preparing quick herbal medicinals, and foraging for wild food.


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