How To Stop A Pipeline: Jonathan Mingle, GASLIGHT

What did a group of ordinary citizens find out when they managed to stop a huge gas pipeline from being built?

We spend the hour with Jonathan Mingle talking about his book, Gaslight: The Atlantic Coast Pipeline And The Fight For America’s Energy Future. It’s the story of how a diverse group of citizens came together to fight a pipeline proposed by one of America’s biggest corporations — and won.

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Gaslight: The Fight Against America’s Energy Future

In this episode, we delve into the David versus Goliath narrative about the battle against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Jonathan Mingle, author of Gaslight: The Atlantic Coast Pipeline And The Fight For America’s Energy Future, joins us to unravel the story behind the successful resistance against one of America’s biggest corporations.

Key Points Covered:

Introduction to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Jonathan Mingle sets the stage by introducing the proposed pipeline project by Dominion Energy, a corporate endeavor billed as a solution for America’s energy needs.

The Dark Reality of “Natural” Gas: Despite its innocuous name, Mingle exposes the hidden dangers of fossil gas, highlighting how it leaks methane and other toxins, contributing to environmental degradation and health hazards.

The Community Uprising: Mingle shares the remarkable tale of how ordinary citizens from diverse backgrounds rallied together to oppose the pipeline’s construction. Their fight, spanning six years and reaching the Supreme Court, serves as a testament to the power of grassroots activism.

The Battle for America’s Energy Future: At the heart of the conflict lies a pivotal question: Is natural gas truly a “bridge fuel” to a cleaner future, or is it a ticking methane bomb jeopardizing both local communities and the planet’s stability?

Jonathan Mingle’s Insights: As a seasoned journalist whose beat is climate change, energy, and environmental issues, Mingle provides invaluable insights into the broader implications of the pipeline saga, touching upon political, policy, and climate-related ramifications.