Holiday Special: THE FOOD PHILOSOPHE, A Story for the Solstice

Francesca Rheannon reads her story “The Food Philosophe.” It’s about a Winter Solstice feast in Provence that led to some delicious life lessons.

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The Food Philosophe by Francesca Rheannon

Twenty years ago, Francesca Rheannon spent several months living in southern France. Soon after her arrival in the Fall of 2001, she became good friends with a couple living in the old Roman town of Apt. She had been introduced to them — Michel, a chef, and his wife, Marie-Jo — by her friend, the writer Fabienne Pasquet.

On December 21, Marie Jo and Michel threw a dinner party to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The food was divine, the wine likewise, and the company convivial — and Francesca ended up learning a profound lesson about the French Art of Living. Francesca wrote up her experience in the story, “The Food Philosophe,” part of a longer memoir of her sojourn in Provence, titled Province of the Heart.