Devra Lehmann, SOCRATES & Seema Yasmin, WHAT THE FACT?

We talk with Devra Lehmann about her book, Socrates: A Life Worth Living. It’s a YA book that’s great for readers of all ages.

Then, another YA book for everyone: we talk with Dr. Seema Yasmin about her guide to inoculating ourselves against false information, What the fact: Finding The Truth In All The Noise.

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Devra Lehmann
Socrates may be the most famous philosopher who ever lived, at least in the Western canon, but what was his philosophy really about? And does it have any relevance to us in the modern world?

Author and teacher Devra Lehmann sets out to answer the first question with her highly readable biography of the sage, Socrates: A Life Worth Living.

While she firmly situates him within his own historical context, Lehmann also shows that his philosophy of what makes life worth living not only has universal relevance, but also special salience for our troubled times.

Devra Lehmann is the author of two biographies of philosophers, Socrates and Spinoza. She’s working on biographies of Augustine of Hippo and Hannah Arendt for the Philosophy for Young People series from Seven Stories Press.

Seema Yasmin
A tsunami of false information is washing over our global civilization. Whether purveyed by Fox News, Facebook or Elon Musk’s Twitter; spewed by corrupt politicians and corporations; or spread by the likes of Q Anon, Alex Jones or the Kremlin’s troll army, false information threatens to destroy us, making it nigh impossible to deal with the overwhelming crises we face.

Is there anything we can do about it? Can we protect ourselves, our families and friends from falling victim to the lies?

Yes, says Dr. Seema Yasmin. She lays out the strategies to inoculate ourselves against the viral epidemic of false information in her terrific book, What The Fact: Finding The Truth In All The Noise. While geared toward the young adult reader, it’s really for everyone.

Dr. Seema Yasmin is an expert on epidemics, both physical and informational. She’s also a journalist, medical doctor, poet and author of five books.

Teaching guide to What The Fact

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