St. Patrick’s Day/Spring Special

After veteran Kevin O’Hara returned from the war in Vietnam, he felt rootless. So he went to Ireland, his parents’ homeland, in search of his roots. Along the way, he met a bevy of wonderful and wise characters, and made friends with one phenomenal donkey named Missy. He tells about his journey in LAST OF THE DONKEY PILGRIMS.

And, there’s a lot of hatred being directed toward immigrants these days. But our nation’s tables would be far poorer without the cuisines they bring to our shores. Growing the vegetables that go into those dishes together with other immigrants who have made the same journey is often a way to deal with the pain of loss and transition. Patricia Klindienst explores this theme in her book, THE EARTH KNOWS MY NAME: Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic Americans.

Query to listeners: can you identify the music that goes with the interview with Kevin O’Hara? We recorded the interview in 2006 and misidentified the band as “Lunasa”. Now, we can’t find the CD we used. If you know what the band and songs are, please email us at “write at writersvoice.net”. We’ll send you a CD of your choice from our archived shows (check out the liast by clcking on shows at the top of the page).

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