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Poetry From the Grassroots

Hip-hop, poetry slams, and more: it’s the SPOKEN WORD REVOLUTION REDUX. We talk with editor Mark Eleveld about poetry in performance and hear cuts off the CD accompanying the book.

Also, on Writer’s Voice we’ve featured some of the most famous poets in the English language. They occupy the heights of what many think is a rarified domain not relevant to the average person. But the poets of Florence Poets Society in Northampton, Massachusetts disagree. They declare that “poetry is part of everyone of us”. We speak with three of the Society’s poets: Tom Clark, Carl Russo and Jim Cahillane. Clark, a firefighter, and Carl Russo, a lawyer, started the Society five years ago.



Celebrating Poetry Month, we talk with Mark Eleveld about SPOKEN WORD REVOLUTION REDUX, a book-and-CD collection of verse from many poets, in the oral tradition.

And Anita Shreve talks about her new novel, BODY-SURFING.