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Talking the Trumpocene with Jeff Sharlet & A Review of Dennis Lehane’s Small Mercies

We talk with Jeff Sharlet about his new book, The Undertow: Scenes From A Slow Civil War.

Then we air part of an interview we did with Sharlet in 2009 about the increasing influence of rightwing extremism into the US military.

And finally, a review of Dennis Lehane’s new novel Small Mercies.

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Protecting Ourselves From Tyranny: Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny & Ryan Alford, Permanent State of Emergency

We talk with historian Timothy Snyder about his book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. The book is a kind of vaccine to inoculate us against acquiescing to authoritarianism.

Then, we talk with legal scholar Ryan Alford about his chilling study of how national security claims on the part of the executive branch have undermined the rule of law. His book is Permanent State of Emergency: The Demise of The Rule Of Law In The United States. Continue reading