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We spend the hour talking with Ann Armbrecht, first about her new book, The Business of Botanicals: Exploring the Healing Promise of Plant Medicines in a Global Industry. It’s the first book to explore the interconnected web of the global herb industry and its many stakeholders.

Then, we revisit part of our 2009 conversation with her about her memoir, Thin Places.

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WEB EXTRA: Ann Armbrecht, THIN PLACES (full interview)

In 2009, Writer’s Voice spoke with Ann Armbrecht about her memoir, THIN PLACES: A Pilgramage Home. Francesca Rheannon was joined on the interview by writer Christian MacEwen.

The original edited aired episode has been lost, so here is the unedited version of the conversation, pulled from our archives. The first few minutes have been lost, but we join her as Armbrecht is talking about how the people in the village in Nepal first received her.

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