Monthly Archives: January 2016


Doug Henwood, MY TURN: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency

Journalist Doug Henwood talks about his new book, My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency. It’s an in-depth examination of Hillary Clinton’s record and its implications for her current run for the Presidency. Henwood questions whether Clinton is as progressive as she claims as she runs against a strong challenge from the left. Continue reading


Bernie Sanders Explained Plus Sue Grafton’s X

Bernie Sanders spokesman Jonathan Tasini tells us about his book, The Essential Bernie Sanders. Then, with all the controversy over Sanders’ single payer health care plan, we talk with the economist whose work that plan is based on, Gerald Friedman. Finally, in a lighter vein, we talk with blockbuster mystery writer Sue Grafton about her latest — and reportedly the last — in her Kinsey Milhone series, X.  Continue reading


Families In War: Novels by Susan Abulhawa & Jacqueline Sheehan

Two novels reveal the devastating impact of war on families and those families’ resilience in the face of tragedy. First, we talk with Susan Abulhawa about The Blue Between Sky And Water. Then, Jacqueline Sheehan talks about her new novel, The Center Of The World. Continue reading