The Vote Count Protection Project

Our guest Friday October 27 will be Steve Freeman, author of WAS THE 2004 ELECTION STOLEN. He’s also with Election Integrity, working to make sure that the election results tally the real exit polls. Read ahead this note about it from Stephanie Frank Singer, the director of the Vote Count Protection Project at Election Integrity:

“With increased consciousness of the dangers of electronic vote-counting technology, there is increasing grassroots pressure for independent election verification. In elections around the world, public-domain exit polls are central to such efforts. Unfortunately, US media consortium exit pollsters have announced that they will no longer release any data even to their media clients until they can “correct” their numbers so as to make them conform to the official count. In other words, what they report is no longer exit poll data at all, but rather a meaningless affirmation of official numbers.
To obtain an honest assessment of how people voted and whether or not machines are recording votes accurately, groups around the nation have developed plans to conduct exit polls. We are pleased to announce that several groups at the forefront of the national election integrity movement groups pushing for independent exit polls are will be coordinating in this effort under the banner of the Vote Count Protection Project.
The combined exit poll will implemented by Kenneth Warren of The Warren Poll, Steven F. Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania, and Jonathan Simon of the Election Defense Alliance. At the same time, election data forensics will be implemented by Stephanie F. Singer of Campaign Scientific and Bruce O’Dell of the Election Defense Alliance.
All data and findings will be available for independent analyses.
More information is available on the web:
For more information, please contact Stephanie F. Singer at or at 215-715-3479.
The Vote Count Protection Project is an initiative of the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism.”
Stephanie Frank Singer
Director, Vote Count Protection Project
tel: 215-715-3479