URGENT: Stealth bill threatens democracy

Stealth Voter Disenfranchisement Labeled as “Federal Election Integrity Act”

Urgent action is needed to oppose H.R. 4844, the deceptively titled Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006.

A vote is expected in the U.S. House tomorrow or Thursday. Please act now!

Contact your Representative today to oppose H.R. 4844 or click here

Contrary to its title, the bill will undermine the integrity of our electoral process by imposing unnecessary barriers to full participation in federal elections. The bill’s requirements of proof of citizenship and photo identification as a prerequisite to voting may appear innocuous, but in reality they will disenfranchise seniors, minority voters, low income voters, students and young voters, and voters with disabilities. In addition, the implementation of H.R. 4844 places a huge burden on state governments.

This bill was designed in March of this year, and held until the last moment, to be rammed through Congress just in time for the November elections. In fact, the bill was specifically written to take effect before November 7, 2006!

Urge your Member of Congress to vote NO on H.R. 4844. When you take action you will be directed to the NCFE website where you can send a sample letter to your Representative or customize your letter based on our talking points and your own opinions. A fax is automatically generated and sent to the Washington, DC office of your Member of Congress. (Thanks to the National Campaign for Fair Elections (NCFE) for taking the lead on this.)
Urgent! U.S. House vote on photo ID this week Click
here to act now!

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