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Web-Only Excerpt: Betty Medsger (THE BURGLARY) on the FBI’s Blunder in Camden, NJ

April 30th, 2014

Betty Medsger (THE BURGLARY) on the FBI’s Blunder in Camden, NJ

Amy Dryansky reads from Grass Whistle

April 16th, 2014

Amy Dryansky reads her poem “Lost and Found” from her poetry collection Grass Whistle.

Martine Bellen, THE WABAC MACHINE: Unabridged Interview

October 16th, 2013

Unabridged interview with Martine Bellen. The poet reads from and discusses her newest collection, The Wabac Machine.

Russell Steven Powell Reads “Border Crossings”

September 26th, 2013

Writer, artist, poet and agricultural historian reads his essay, “Border Crossings.”

Mike Feder Audio Extra

July 25th, 2013

Mike Feder talks about threading the fine line between tragedy and comedy in writing his memoir, A Long Swim Upstream.

Les Leopold, HOW TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR, full interview

March 21st, 2013

Full interview with Les Leopold about his new book HOW TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR: Why Hedge Funds Get Away with Siphoning Off America’s Wealth.

Web Extra: Sarah Skinner Kilborne, AMERICAN PHOENIX (extended interview)

February 21st, 2013

Extended interview with Sarah S. Kilborne, about her book, American Phoenix, The Remarkable Story of William Skinner, a Man Who Turned Disaster Into Destiny.

Rilla Askew, KIND OF KIN Excerpt

January 10th, 2013

An excerpt from Rilla Askew’s novel, KIND OF KIN

James Steele, THE BETRAYAL OF THE AMERICAN DREAM: Unabridged Interview

October 24th, 2012

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Much has been made of the declining American middle class in this election cycle. Each presidential candidate is vowing to bring back the middle class. But how did we get to the point in which the middle class needs rescuing? Who’s to blame for the collapse of the […]

Philip Warburg, HARVEST THE WIND Web Extra

June 6th, 2012

Web only extra: Philip Warburg talks about wind power controversies, challenges, and public policy.

Excerpt: Margot Livesy,The Flight of Gemma Hardy

February 11th, 2012

Margot Livesy reads an excerpt from her novel, THE FLIGHT OF GEMMA HARDY.

Web Extra: Valerie Martin Extended Interview

October 6th, 2011

Francesca Rheannon talks with novelist Valerie Martin about her literary influences, writing about women, and writing historical fiction.

WEB ONLY EXCERPT: Teju Cole on Art & Photography

September 8th, 2011

Writers Voice host Francesca Rheannon talks with Teju Cole about his perspective on photography and art.

Dr. Allan Teel Tells a Story About His Dad

July 19th, 2011

Dr. Alan Teel tells a story about his own elderly father, who took care of an even more frail elder when the man’s daughter needed a respite. It’s a great example of the Full Circle America approach.

Shelley Carson on Gifted & Talented Programs

March 9th, 2011

Shelley Carson talks with Writers Voice host Francesca Rheannon about gifted and talented programs in the schools.